The Most In-Demand Opportunities in E-commerce

E-commerce is a booming sector with limitless opportunities. The competition for candidates is through the roof, posing further challenges from connecting to hiring the most potential talents. Nonetheless, we evaluated that certain disciplines account for most of the open positions in this industry. Thus making them the most sought-after positions. Read through to explore more about these openings, which include the following:

Software Engineering

According to our analysis, a significant segment of above 30 percent of the openings in the e-commerce sector goes for software engineers. This substantiates owing to the nature of the industry. It is a challenging task for the sector to survive without software engineers, as online business is the spine of E-commerce platforms where their role is necessary.

Indeed, software engineering has a broad spectrum that covers huge, unique sub-divisions. Thus we dived deeper to ascertain the highly demanded frameworks and languages. This indicates their inclusion of specific roles in various job descriptions. Here is the breakdown of a few of them

  • Customer Care
  • Customer Success
  • Information Technology

Almost 12-16 percent of the open positions in the e-commerce industry are available for operations. This is so since Customer expectations have dramatically transformed over the last decade. Currently, you have the facility to place an order 24/7, and your product is delivered at the earliest. It may be a same-day delivery or, at the most, within two business days. This process demands a considerable effort of logistical wrangling to implement. Thus forming an organized and well-disciplined operations team vital to success.


Marketing has a crucial role and power in any industry, and E-commerce is no different. Another 10-15 percent of the open posts are associated with marketing positions in the e-commerce industry. It is a well-known fact, too, owing to the transactional nature of e-commerce, marketing, and its strategy are vital for the existence of any product across the market. Marketing professionals are equally the key player in any platform. Moreover, a consistent stream of new customers is essential to the accomplishment of the majority of e-commerce companies. Therefore marketing is an equally crucial role to be handled by expertise.

Data and Analytics

Currently, E-commerce has more than ten percent of the open roles for data and analytics. However, this number is shooting. With the emerging trends in e-commerce, they utilize data in the most advanced and creative ways, which highlights the discipline even more important.

The highly in-demand skill sets in data analytics are further refined to the following :

  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Engineering

An army of UX experts is required to ensure that the websites are attractive, easy to navigate, and neat. The Design and UX segments are important in e-commerce. So nearly ten percent of the open roles in the e-commerce industry are for design and UX pros.

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Roles we recently filled

We have been successful in placing many consultants in e-commerce industry for our clients. Below are few of many examples.

SEO Specialist
Digital marketing manager
Operations manager
Business analyst
User experience designer (UX)
Customer Service Specialist
Content Writer
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