Engineering is a 'wide' term that includes telecommunications and computer programming engineering to civil and electrical engineering. Individuals with these skill sets are in high demand, and there are job openings that you need to fill right away.To improve your hiring success, you will need a talented collaborator well-versed in the current situation.

INA Solution has an accredited staff of technical recruiters in charge of hiring engineering specialists from all fields. Our recruitment experts, equipped with extensive recruitment experience, have a comprehensive understanding of the engineering field. We observe a systematic approach to find the top applicants who meet your requirements.

Recruitment expertise is increasingly essential due to skilled workforce shortages and the continuous change in the industry.Our team focuses on making it simple for you to connect with highly qualified individuals to match the organizational needs using an integrated approach by employing the latest technologies.

The clients at INA Solution remain our top most priority and all our efforts are dedicated to meeting their hiring demands. With our commitments and assistance, you stay competitive and level up with an end-to-end recruitment process.

Roles we recently filled

We have been successful in placing many consultants in engineering industry for our clients. Below are few of many examples.

Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Chemical engineer
Physical Design Engineer
ASIC Engineer
Circuit Design Engineer
System Test Engineer
Design Verification Engineer
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